Elections Law and Catch 22

5 months are left till the elections and we still have no law. The debate on the law proposals is utterly ridiculous. Every side of the Octopus is using whatever leverage they have – threats, corrupt media, lies – to tailor the new elections law to suit their sectarian rhetoric.

The fact is that Parliament will never ever vote on a fair and just electoral law, which most of us agree is proportional elections, one district for all of Lebanon, outside of confessional restrictions, 18 the legal voting age, expat voting, closed lists, etc. CCER is the national coalition that’s been working on this law for years (if not decades).

But as long as the Octopus rules the country, it will not vote in an electoral law that doesn’t reproduce it. And as long as we have no fair electoral law, we can never vote out the Octopus. Catch 22.

Therefore, a new electoral law that is representative of the people (including us) can only be brought about through mass demonstrations of tens of thousands of people.

When will we reach that stage? That’s another discussion. I am hoping, maybe, if we manage to build enough momentum via the 2013 elections, it will catapult us into a movement strong enough to demonstrate in mass for a new electoral law despite the Octopus.


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