The Octopus


We’ve put in so much time and effort trying to diagnose the system’s problems in Lebanon. I have grown a little tired of these discussions. Khalas, everyone knows what they are. Everyone knows the feeling of being screwed over by the Octopus. It’s the justice you know you will never get. It’s the corruption you can’t report to anyone. It’s the za3eem mawkab and his bodyguards passing by you in the midst of insane traffic. It’s wanting to bang your head on the wall every time you watch the evening news. Hayda houwwi. The Octopus.

Let’s stop diagnosing the problem and just call it what it is. The Octopus has eight tentacles: za3emi, corruption, plutocracy, sectarianism, tribalism, clientelism, civil war, and foreign control. We, the people, want leadership, transparency, democracy, secularism, citizenship, equality, security, and independence.

If you think Lebanon is split March 8 / 14 (wa tawabi3ahom) you’re wrong. Those are all one and the same; they are all the Octopus. Some people tell me: ah, yes, but some parties are better than others, some are bloodier than others, some are newer than others, blah blah blah. I don’t care. They are all invested in the Octopus.

And so, the real split in Lebanon is the Octopus vs. the people. Which side are you on?


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2 responses to “The Octopus”

  1. christelle says :

    let’s make Octopus soup in 2013 :p

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