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My name is Nadz and I’ve been an activist for a few years in Beirut. Since August, I’ve been involved in countless meetings and initiatives for the upcoming parliamentary elections. There’s a strong and growing movement to nominate and support fresh new candidates who are secular, independent, and running on actual electoral platforms.

The primary campaign I’m working with is Take Back Parliament, which began with a blog post I wrote back in July and has now grown into a movement of hundreds of young people meeting daily and organizing for 26 candidates.

Besides being involved in TBP, I wanted to keep a blog of all the discussions and lessons learned during the next 5 months so that, come June, we have some documentation of where we went right and where we went wrong.

I also wanted to open up the online spheres for some constructive discussions on campaign strategies, so that we can share opinions and feedback.

Needless to say, my main purpose is to use the upcoming elections as a springboard to push forward our continuous work for social justice in Lebanon. I view the entire spectrum of current politicians and parties as one and the same Octopus that we need to dismantle, so my only bias is against them all. I write in English because it’s faster for me and will be posting video and audio in spoken Arabic. I find the endless argument of “social media is an elitist space” utterly useless because

a) I don’t own a TV channel or newspaper, nor do I have any money to rent out billboards, so this is the only free space I have, and;

b) I couldn’t possibly reach every person in Lebanon of course – especially not my parents’ generation or people living in the villages. Only mainstream media does that. But I can reach a small minority that is you. And you are key because you’re connected to 10 other circles. My hope is that if we manage to build a strong case for giving our votes to a worthwhile project (not the Octopus) in the coming elections, you and I will both reach out to others around us using more traditional ways (a phone call or a cup of coffee).

And we can make a reality the dream of a powerful mass movement for change in Lebanon.

Brace yourselves, it’s going to be one hell of a ride!


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